Gild your nails!

Nina has a talent for taking nail wraps—especially from our transparent collection—to a whole new level. Follow her instructions, and step up your game with our Baroque Baby nail wraps. 1. Start with clean hands and a dry base coat 2. Paint one side of your nail with a color and bring the color close to … VIEW MORE >

All eyes on your nails

Want to learn how to use your nail wraps like a pro? Chica Artista takes our All-Seeing Eyes nail wraps to a whole new level. Step by step, using your All-Seeing Eyes nail wraps, start with the gold finger: 1. Paint nail in gold glitter (Adreanna used Floss Gloss Stun) 2. Cut out the eye … VIEW MORE >

The Accent Nail

With 16 individual nail wraps in a set, you can give yourself a full manicure and still have leftovers. Nemo’s Nails has some great ideas for what to do with the extra nail wraps! Watch her tutorial, using Divine Dotwork nail wraps as an accent to an easy, professional looking manicure.  

Stone Nail Wrap Hack

Nina Nailed It does it again! Nina hacked our Stone nail wraps to create this mind blowing mani. You can do it too—just follow this tutorial for DIY nails that look like a million bucks: 1. Use a base coat- once dry, use tape to block off any area you want negative space. Then paint over with … VIEW MORE >

Next Level Transparent Wrap Tutorial

There’s so much you can do with our transparent nail wraps. If you’re ready to bring your nail art to the next level, take some advice from the amazing Nina Nailed It. She shows us how to make the most of our Gilded Serpents. How to hack Gilded Serpents: 1. Sponge your gradient using a triangle make up … VIEW MORE >